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Bornholm was occupied by the German troops on the 10th of April 1940. A large naval base of fascist Germany was formed on the island to cover naval communications in the south-western part of the Baltic Sea. The strength of German garrison was up to 20 thousand military personnel.

On the 9th of May 1945 the airborn forces of the 2nd Byelorussian front landed on the island with the support of Baltic navy ships and aviation. Active assistance to the release of Bornholm from Hitler-troops was rendered by the members of Danish Resistance movement.

The inhabitants of Bornholm warmly welcomed the Soviet forces who quickly managed to set up friendly relations with population and local authorities. Here is one of the quotations that reflects the attitude of the majority of the Danes to the presence of Soviet soldiers-liberators: “Russian forces will leave the best memories after them, their discipline was exemplary. They came as friends and brought release with them. We will never forget it”. (Newspaper “Politiken”).

Soviet forces could not leave the island at once as comprehensive military control over the fulfillment of surrender terms should be provided. Moreover, the sailors of the Baltic navy were making great work to clear the Baltic districts from mines, owing to this the security of Danish, Swedish and other countries’ trade shipping was provided.

After the entire completion of all the activities, on the 4th of April 1946 the act on assignation of the island to the representatives of Danish authorities was signed.  And the next day on the 5th of April 1946 the Commander-in-Chief on Bornholm the Major General A.Jakushev left the island on the naval vessel.

Soviet forces fulfilled their duty to the end having paid for the Bornholm’s release with many soldiers’ lives and having left good memories after themselves among the Danish population.

Russian orchestra plays in honor of the Royal Pair’s arrival on the 18th of June 1945

The Royal pair accompanied by the General Korotkov passes along the Guard of Honor

The truck with propaganda on the boards

Guard of Honor’s company returns from the ceremonial meeting of the Royal Pair

"Regiment’s son", company’s commander promised to take him on Bornholm

Soviet officers and soldiers in the port of Rønne

Soviet ferry near the Bornholm coast

Major General Jakushev on the meeting with the chairman for Bornholms administration Mr. Stemmanson

From right to left: mine layer ”Vladimir Poluhin”, Danish mine layer “Lindorman”, the ship from the Baltic Sea 66th squadron

The flag of Soviet Navy on the mine layer “Vladimir Poluhin”

It was a great occasion for the inhabitants of Bornholm

General Jakushev gives an interview to the Danish radio on the board of the Soviet mine layer

On horseback in the streets of Klemensker

Funeral procession, Rønne

General Korotkov accompanies the Royal Pair after dinner

The last Soviet sailor lifts the ladder

The Soviet mine layer salutes 21 times before home departure

Soviet soldiers leave Bornholm

Leaving Home!

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